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WE ARE Pallotta Construction and Landscaping

 Pallotta Construction Ltd. was founded in 1977 and has a reputation for beautiful workmanship in the GTA and has maintained the same level of standards and service to this day. Paul Jr. oversees each job personally providing quotations and expertise in construction, concrete, stonework, interlocking and landscaping.


Concrete Work

A time-tested and true material, concrete can be used for the most high traffic areas around your home or formed into subtle outdoor accents. Driveways,

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Home Improvement

We can do all types of home improvement projects as basement or garage floors, walkout basement entrances, driveways, patios, walkways, curbs, porch steps, swimming pool

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Every project has its unique circumstances and challenges. With over 40 years of quality workmanship in concrete projects our work speaks for itself. Our capabilities

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Planting & Sodding

We can take care of your complete landscaping needs from grading, roto-tilling, soil preparation, sodding, and planting various flowers, plants, shrubs, hedges and trees. You

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Give your driveway, steps, patio or walkway that time-worn feel of old Europe or turn your backyard into an elegant and relaxing space. Interlocking stone

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Earthy in color and undoubtedly the most natural and durable of choices. Traditional random patterns or clean square-cut stone for a more elegant appearance can

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Pallotta’s landscape designers will provide you with ideas on how to transform your space into a work of art. Our use of hand drawn and computer-generated graphics will show how the different elements will come together in a live able and beautiful space you can enjoy with your family and friends for yours to come.


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